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Local Government Association welcomes ‘helpful clarity’ on complex issues facing taxi and PHV trade

The Local Government Association (LGA) welcomed the ‘helpful clarity’ on complex issues facing the Taxi and Private Hire industry.

Overall, the LGA welcomed this best practice guidance, saying it provided ‘helpful clarity on some complex issues’ and will be a ‘useful resource’ for both licensing authorities and the taxi and PHV trade.

The LGA said in its summary: “Whilst this best practice guidance and the statutory safeguarding guidance issued in 2020 are helpful, they are not an alternative to the legislative reform that is urgently needed.

“The Department for Transport should bring forward a comprehensive Taxi and PHV Licensing Reform Bill which covers the full range of safeguarding, market and enforcement issues that need addressing, to the benefit of both passengers and the trade.

“More generally, this guidance should be aligned with similar guidance issued in Wales and Scotland to ensure there is some consistency of standards with drivers who may operate across borders.

“We have not commented in detail on each section of the guidance, but instead focus on the sections of the guidance which councils found particularly helpful, where issues were identified or where further clarity is required.”

The Department for Transport (DfT) are currently analysing the feedback from the consultation which closed 20 June 2022.


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