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London cabbies ask for support to fund SECOND black cab convoy of aid to help Ukrainian refugees

Image credit: Terry Harris

A group of London taxi drivers are looking to lead a second convoy of black cabs to Poland to deliver aid and transport Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war-torn region.

Back in March a group of taxi drivers raised more than £11,000 to fund six licensed black cabs, one car, and one van to travel to Poland to deliver vital humanitarian aid to refugee camps set up near the Ukrainian border. The cabbies did not stop there, as after dropping the aid they then transported refugees across European cities to safety.

In total the cab drivers were able to take 28 people, mostly to Berlin. Away from Berlin one family went 'up the road' to Warsaw and another family were safely transported to a relative in Dresden.

One of the drivers, Richard Gough, stayed in Calais for a week helping a mother, travelling with her own mother and 2 children, to obtain a visa into the UK. It is reported the family have since settled with their sponsor.

Now the taxi drivers are looking to go again, but need the support of the taxi industry and the general public to help fund the trip.

Terry Harris said: “Sadly whilst it feels like some days the story is slipping from headline news the war, and it's atrocities are still very real, and as such myself and Richard are setting up a second convoy hoping to leave early to mid May.

“We received such a great response from the first trip, both from the support on the motorways at seeing a line of cabs cruising the autobahn filled with aid, to the ability to give at least some people (it really is a tiny drop in the ocean) a bit of humanity and dignity after all they've been through, and getting them to safety.”

Fellow cabbie, Richard Gough, said: “We now want to repeat the trip as we were so moved by the suffering and plight of these refugees, some of whom arrived at the border holding just a plastic bag of belongings. We were also concerned about the vulnerability of the refugees, mostly women and children, due to people trafficking. Our goal is to get as many refugees to western Europe or the UK, Visas permitting.

“We aim to be setting off, with our vehicles crammed with humanitarian aid, in the first week of May.”

Currently over £5,000 has been donated towards the next campaign. A target of £10,000 has been set to fully fund the trip.

The money donated will go towards fuel costs, wear and tear on the vehicles, accommodation and ferry costs.

The amount of money raised will dictate the number of drivers that can join the convoy. The current target will cover costs for five drivers and their vehicles, but several more drivers are available to make the trip if the funds exceed their target.


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