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London cabbies left infuriated after unauthorised vehicle remains parked on working rank since 2021

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Image credit : Twitter @comcab33

The capital's iconic black taxi drivers have been left frustrated and infuriated after an unauthorised vehicle has been left on a working cab rank since 2021.

The busy rank in the centre of town has now been blocked by the Renault car, which currently has a number of parking enforcement tickets stuck to its windscreen, for over 3 months. It's sparked outrage for some, who have called on Westminster City Council to make extra efforts to have it removed.

Posting on Twitter, one London taxi driver said: "This vehicle has been here for weeks. City of Westminster know about it as you can see, Met Police know about it CAD number in screen.

"TfL know about it. But it stays put! Why?. Let me tell you... It's parked on a taxi rank that's why. Anywhere else it would be gone."

Westminster Council have replied to the request, saying :"Thanks for highlighting this matter. We no longer operate a clamp and removal service and as this car has a valid road tax and MOT in place, it cannot be pursued as being abandoned by the owner."

A spokesperson for Soho Police, has also spoken out over the vehicle: "Vehicle removal is down to City Westminster. They will be aware based on the tickets but it has to be there a set time before removal."

Taxi rank space is move vital that ever at the moment with fuel prices so high. Many drivers are now choosing to take a spot on ranks around the capital in hope of picking up a fare without having to drive around wasting diesel which is currently costing north of £1.70 a litre in most fuel stations.

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