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London Mayoral candidate Susan Hall vows support for black taxi industry in Five-Point Plan

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Susan Hall, the Conservative candidate in the next London mayoral election, has recently unveiled her comprehensive five-point plan, which includes strong support for the city's iconic black taxi industry.

As part of her vision for the future of London, Hall expressed her commitment to preserving the unique advantages of black cabs, including their safety, regulated fares, and unparalleled knowledge of the city's streets.

Speaking of her plan, Hall emphasised her staunch support for black cabs, stating: "I have always supported black cabs and will do everything I can to support them, including by allowing them to go where buses go."

Hall's five-point plan covers a range of critical issues facing the city. The first pillar focuses on tackling crime and making streets safer for all Londoners. Recognising the importance of a robust police force, she vows to invest £200 million into the police to drive down crime and establish specialist units to combat burglaries, robberies, and thefts. Hall also intends to address the issue of knife crime, ensuring that all police officers have access to knife detection wands.

The second element of Hall's plan aims to scrap the controversial Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) expansion, which has burdened many Londoners with additional costs. She argues that the ULEZ has disproportionately impacted those on low incomes and aims to replace it with a £50 million Pollution Hotspots fund, targeting areas with noticeable air pollution instead of implementing a blanket tax.

Recognising the housing crisis in the city, Hall's third pillar focuses on building more affordable homes in the right locations, prioritising community-oriented developments that harmonise with existing surroundings. She plans to collaborate closely with local boroughs and developers to scale up home-building efforts and revive the London Land Commission to identify suitable brownfield sites for construction.

The fourth dimension of Hall's plan centres on enhancing public transport and ensuring fair treatment for motorists. She pledges a thorough review of Transport for London (TfL) to assess its spending and service quality, including safety and air quality on the London Underground. Hall also intends to remove restrictions on the removal of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) imposed by City Hall to address concerns of congestion and air pollution.

Lastly, Hall emphasises her commitment to supporting London's culture and values. She vows to revitalise London's nightlife by introducing a 24 Hour London Strategy and facilitating better support for the industry. In addition, she plans to commission a statue of Queen Elizabeth II in Trafalgar Square, celebrating her legacy and the values she represented.


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