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London minicab driver has licence reinstated without the need for court action

Image credit: GMB

A minicab driver had their licence reinstated without the need for court action, prompting representatives to highlight the plus points of membership.

Following a police notification to Transport for London (TfL), a private hire vehicle (PHV) driver operating in the Capital immediately had their licence revoked.

Feeling the action to be unjust, the driver contacted the GMB Union for assistance with an appeal to have their licence returned.

According to the union, the police carried out a thorough investigation including an examination of the driver’s electronic devices to establish their character and history. Police found a lack of negative behaviours on their electronic devices and were satisfied with the GMB member's account of the reported circumstances of the complaints. These facts and the member’s past licensing were examined by TfL, which subsequently decided to reinstate the member’s licence.

GMB, the union for private hire drivers welcomes this as an unprecedented outcome and recognises that in most cases this would not be the norm. Union spokespeople say this demonstrates how effective union membership is for PHV and taxi drivers who need representation.

Steve Garelick, GMB London Region Organiser, said: “Safeguarding the public is a priority and our member understood the need to take these steps, however, the logic that has been applied by TfL and its solicitors in this instance is appreciated. Not only is the court’s time freed up but a driver can get back to providing for his family.

“GMB recognise that there have been instances where safeguarding has been an issue and would remind passengers to be sure that drivers match the description and information they must carry.

“During the festive season, unlicensed drivers will attempt to offer a service to those looking for passage especially when there may be a long wait for a booked professional driver or the offer of a cheaper fare but GMB urges the public to put their safety first and always use a licenced Private Vehicle Hire company using licenced drivers.

“GMB is the largest Private hire and Taxi Union in the United Kingdom we work with licensing authorities and other institutions to make sure both rider and driver stay safe. Please respect your driver for the work they do during unsocial hours and the service they provide to help you get from A to B safely.”


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