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London minicab driver videoed embarrassingly driving along segregated cycle lane

Image credit : Twitter @Kojak@utag

A Transport for London private hire driver has been filmed embarrassingly driving along a designated sectioned-off cycle lane in the city.

In footage captured on a taxi’s dashcam, the silver Toyota Prius can be seen driving along the cycle lane, just south of the river near Tower Bridge, struggling to find a way of exiting.

As part of the capital’s Cycle Super Highway scheme, segregated cycle lanes have been built along a number of main routes. The lanes are marked for use by cyclists. Where this one particular driver managed to gain access to the lane is unknown.

In the footage the driver eventually finds a gap to allow themselves to rejoin normal traffic.

Kojak@utag, who filmed the incident, confirmed to TaxiPoint that the vehicle was definitely a Transport for London licensed private hire vehicle as it had roundel stickers on both the front and rear window as all licensed PHV vehicles must have in the capital.


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