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London motorist arrested on fraud charges for using fake number plates to avoid parking tickets 

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

A London motorist has been arrested after an intelligence-led council and Metropolitan Police joint operation revealed the driver had been using fake number plates to avoid a number of parking and traffic offences.

Tower Hamlets Council used their CCTV to assist the Metropolitan Police Roads and Transport Unit catch the offender who had been parking illegally in the borough.

Using social media, Tower Hamlets Council wrote: '1 driver arrested for using fake number plates to avoid parking tickets in intelligence-led operation. 19 tickets against fake plates, driver now faces fraud & traffic offence charges. Car also removed. Thanks to our #CCTV team & partners incl. @MPSRTPC #SaferTogether'

Twitter users called for the offender to be publicly ousted, with one saying 'Just obey the rules. It's not hard'.

But not all were on the side of the council, with one writing 'Parking fines are just a money making scam, you scum bags fined me for parking my motorcycle in the motorcycle bay, utter greedy filth'.

Whether you're for or against parking fines, this one driver can now look forward to a date in court.

Image credit: Twitter - @TowerHamletsNow


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