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London taxi driver hero returns £6,500 found on back seats to jet-lagged traveller

Image credit: LTDA / Taxi Newspaper

In a heartwarming display of honesty, London black cab driver Mohamed Muhydin went above and beyond to reunite a weary traveller with a lost bag containing crucial medication and £6,500 in cash.

The incident, shared by Suzanne Sullivan of the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA), highlights the exemplary actions of Mr Muhydin. The taxi driver picked up a passenger from Terminal 2, Heathrow, who had just completed a gruelling journey from Australia and was destined for The Mercure in Talbot Square. After a brief chat during the ride, the passenger was dropped off, leaving Mr Muhydin to continue his shift.

Facing a slow workday, Mr Muhydin decided to head back to Heathrow. Stopping for fuel in Hammersmith, he discovered a bag left behind by his previous passenger. Inside, he found the traveller’s passport, medication, and a substantial sum of money. Realising the urgency, he promptly drove back to the hotel to return the belongings.

The passenger, Mr Walker, was understandably distressed at the loss, particularly of his medication. Upon being reunited with his bag, he expressed immense relief and gratitude. Despite offering a reward, Mr Walker’s appreciation was the true reward for Mr Muhydin, who was said to simply be glad to help.

This act highlights the integrity of London’s black cab drivers and serves as a reminder of the professionalism and care that define the city’s iconic taxi service.

Suzanne Sullivan, Airport Representative at Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA), said in TAXI Newspaper: “The lovely actions of one of our members was recently brought to my attention.

“Mohamed Muhydin picked up a customer from T2 going to The Mercure, Talbot Square. His passenger had been on a long flight from Australia and was very weary but had a short chat with Mr Muhydin. He dropped him off and had then planned to work town.

“Work was slow, so he decided to head towards Heathrow. Low on fuel, he stopped off in Hammersmith to fill up. As he did so, he noticed a bag in the back. Opening the bag, he identified his passenger from Australia’s passport, medication and £6,500 in cash.

“Our member remembers thinking, thank goodness he hadn’t had another passenger in between. He immediately drove straight back to the Mercure in Talbot Square to find the customer. Mr Muhydin spoke to the concierge who contacted the customer. He was completely stressed that he had lost his bag but had fallen into a deep sleep after a long flight.

“The man was completely over the moon, as the money was a lot to lose, but the really important thing was his medication. He needed that more than anything and had said he didn’t even know where to start to get it.

“The passenger was so very grateful and couldn’t thank the driver enough. He said he had heard how amazing the black cab trade were and this restored all his faith in human kindness.

“The passenger – Mr Walker – gave Mr Muhydin a reward, but our member was just very pleased that he could be of service. Well done!”


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