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London taxi driver reps voice frustrations over Met Police seatbelt exemption enforcement

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

The London Taxi Drivers' Association (LTDA) has raised concerns after several taxi drivers in the capital were reportedly stopped by police for not wearing seatbelts.

In response, an LTDA spokesperson took to social media to address the issue and clarify the rules surrounding seatbelt exemptions for taxi and minicab drivers.

The spokesperson stated that while the LTDA advises drivers to wear seatbelts for safety reasons, taxi drivers are indeed exempt from wearing them under specific circumstances. These exemptions are outlined in regulation 6 of The Motor Vehicles (Wearing of Seat Belts) Regulations 1993.

According to the regulations, a taxi driver is exempt from wearing a seatbelt when the vehicle is being used for seeking hire, answering a call for hire, or carrying a passenger for hire. Similarly, a private hire vehicle driver is exempt while transporting a passenger for hire.

The LTDA spokesperson urged their members to contact them if they received a ticket or fixed penalty for assistance in resolving the matter.

Expressing frustration, the spokesperson concluded their message by questioning the necessity of these excessive police interventions on seatbelt enforcement for taxi drivers.

An LTDA spokesperson said via social media: “We are getting reports of members being stopped by Police for not wearing a seat belt, our advice is to wear one for safety reasons, but Taxi drivers are exempt when working, this is POB, or P4H with or without the hire light on, you could be P4H on an app, circuit or via a mobile.

“Any member who receives a ticket or FP should contact us. And people wonder why Met are in special measures!”


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