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London taxi driver shares ‘CHAOS’ at Euston Station taxi rank with calls for TfL to do more

Taxi drivers have once again urged Transport for London (TfL) to do more to alleviate ‘CHAOS’ exiting a mainline London train station taxi rank in the heart of the capital.

A London cabbie captured the issues faced by black cab drivers, and the travelling public, when trying to use the Euston Station taxi rank. The cabbies shared a video on social media.

The video showed queues of both Taxis waiting to exit the station and a line of travellers waiting to enter cabs ranking at the station.

A taxi driver, known as Tony, shared the video urging TfL to change the lights sequence to allow more vehicles to exit the rank. Tony said: “Chaos at Euston. TfL the lights need more green.”

Taxi drivers and cab users have long vented their frustrations at the design of the taxi rank.

Earlier this year architect and TV Presenter George Clarke publicly berated the design of the Euston taxi rank calling it ‘the biggest joke of traffic design’.

Clarke said: “The new taxi system at Euston station is one of the biggest jokes of traffic design I’ve ever seen. Hundreds of cabs sitting waiting ages to pick up hundreds of people standing and waiting ages to get in a taxi… amazing.”

Before Christmas, the Salford-born comic Jason Manford had also taken to social media to share his opinion on the rank, which prompted licensed taxi drivers to explain some of the issues they face when picking up and dropping off at Euston too.

TfL will be hoping that the removal of the underused Euston Road cycle lane will ease congestion along one of the capital's main arterial roads.

Work to remove the controversial Euston Road cycle lane is set to begin next week after ongoing concerns around rising congestion and slower public transport journey times.

According to Transport for London (TfL) sources, bus journey times have increased in the area due to the added congestion caused by the cycle lane. Cyclists will be urged to use the new bus lane or an alternative route just south of Euston Road.


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