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London taxi driver warns colleagues after black cab STRUCK by mystery object on Hatton Garden

Image credit: Rob Rose

A London cabbie has warned colleagues to be on their guard after a mysterious object shattered the windscreen of his black cab.

The incident occurred on Tuesday 15 November whilst the beleaguered taxi driver was taking payment on Hatton Garden in Central London.

The cabbie said a ‘massive bang’ was heard when parked up, that ‘scared the life out' of him.

No debris could be found on or around the cab that would have provided a clue as to what caused the damage to the Mercedes-Benz Vito taxi.

The taxi driver was urged to report the incident to the police with many believing the damage was deliberately caused. The exact location of the incident was outside the Hatton Garden Hotel near the junction with Greville Street. The taxi was facing north when it was struck.


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