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London Taxi Drivers’ Charity for Children issues plea for help to transport children to Hertfordshire Zoo

Updated: Apr 8

Image credit: LTCFC

London Taxi Drivers’ Charity for Children (LTCFC) are looking for more volunteer cabbies to join them to help take children and their carers on a Hertfordshire Zoo outing.

Last year, an impressive convoy of 58 London taxis left the Isle of Dogs, transporting 300 guests on a memorable adventure. The outing was not only a testament to the generosity of London’s taxi drivers, but also a highlight for the children and their carers, offering them a day of enjoyment outside of their usual environments.

The LTCFC is a widely respected taxi industry charity with a rich history that dates back to 1928. Over the past 96 years, the charity has dedicated itself to supporting special needs and disadvantaged children. Operating with a voluntary committee, LTCFC ensures that all donations directly contribute to its cause.

The charity is well-known for organising annual outings for these children, providing them with joyful experiences and creating lasting memories. Additionally, the LTCFC actively engages in fundraising activities to support various appeals for children in need of assistance.

Claire Zazzara, LTCFC PR & Social Media Officer, said in the charity's newsletter: “As our dedicated volunteer drivers, you play a crucial role in supporting our charity's mission to help children with special needs.

“The more drivers, the more children we can invite, so it's really important we get your names down as soon as possible.“

Any drivers wishing to learn more about volunteering and making it a day to remember, please contact John Godfrey (


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