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London taxi drivers CONTINUING to use vital Brighton rank space as parking spots

Image credit: Andy Peters (Twitter)

Taxi drivers from London are continuing to use vital Brighton rank spaces as parking spots, much to the frustration of local cab drivers.

Brighton and Hove Cab Trade Association representative Andrew Peters has repeatedly highlighted the issue and has urged London cabbies visiting the seaside city to use designated public parking spaces instead.

The latest image shared by Brighton cabbie Peters shows a blue LEVC TX taxi licensed by Transport for London (TfL) blocking a working rank used by Brighton and Hove City Council licensed taxi drivers.

The taxi is believed to have occupied the busy seaside rank space ‘all day’ and officials called on parking enforcement to deal with the cab. The vehicle is the fourth London taxi to have been pictured this summer using working ranks in the area.

Andy Peters said: “Yet another London cab using our busy seafront rank for free parking.

“Just come and been told it's been there all day. Parking Enforcement now on its way.”


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