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London taxi drivers warned of SERIAL BILKER

Image credit: LTDA

Taxi drivers in London have been warned of a serial bilker operating in the Earls Court area.

According to taxi representatives the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA), the man hails down taxis heading to Danvers Street.

A taxi bilker is a person who pays a taxi driver less than the fare of a journey, or gives a false name and address, before running off without paying.

This can be a frustrating experience for the driver as it leads to loss of income and time. It can also lead to drivers being more cautious about picking up passengers in certain areas or at certain times of day.

An LTDA spokesperson said via TAXI Newspaper: “We’ve had reports of a bilker on the loose. A driver has reported being recently hailed at 2am at the junction of Cromwell Road and Gloucester Road by the individual pictured. He asked to asked to be taken to Danvers Street. Upon arrival, he used his card to pay; it declined. He then admitted that he had no funds on the card, opened the door and quickly walked away.

“Speaking to other cabbies since the incident the driver has discovered he has been had by a serial, well-known bilker, who has apparently been bilking taxis for years! He often hails taxis from Earl's Court, Sloane Square and Harrington Road (by the 24hr shop) and asks to be taken to Danvers Street / Paultons Square and Gunter Grove. Be on the lookout for him!”

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