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London taxi drivers welcome REDUCED Heathrow Airport ‘gate fee’ to use busy rank

London taxi drivers have welcomed a REDUCED Heathrow ‘gate fee’ which went live late last week.

As from 29 April cabbies looking to rank up at the busy airport will pay a reduced fee of £3.60.

Fully wheelchair accessible licensed black cabs offering their services at one of the world’s biggest airports will have to pay the fee to enter the ‘Feeder Park’ rank at Heathrow.

In a statement from Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) it reads: “Following the Taxi Trade meeting in March, Heathrow advised that the CA published their decision to keep the Taxi Feeder Park under the Other Regulated Charges (ORC) costs model. This means that only the costs of running the Taxi Feeder Park will be charged to drivers through the gate fee.

“We would like to immediately reduce fees to drivers and therefore are reducing the gate fee to £3.60 from 29 April 2023.

“We would like to work with your representatives to keep you all informed on about gate fees moving forward.”


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