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London Taxi Quiz: Can you place these taxi related places in the capital?

A new quiz challenges Londoners and visitors alike to pinpoint the location of various taxi-related sites across the capital.

The quiz aims to shine a light on the rigorous training that London taxi drivers undergo, famously known as the Knowledge of London.

To become a licensed black cab driver in London, individuals must master an extensive understanding of the city's sprawling road network and countless places of interest. This process, often spanning several years, ensures that drivers can navigate the city's complex geography with expert precision.

The quiz offers a sneak peek into the kind of detailed awareness required from taxi drivers, featuring a selection of locations intimately connected to the world of London taxis. Participants are invited to test their own knowledge of the city by identifying where these notable taxi-related spots can be found.

Are you ready to see how well you know London through the eyes of a taxi driver? Grab your map and put your knowledge to the test with this intriguing challenge.


  1. Fareham Street

  2. Cab Road

  3. Fare Restaurant

  4. The Hansom Cab Pub

  5. Taxi House

  6. The Hackney Restaurant

  7. Cab(otte) Restaurant

  8. Tyers Street

  9. Passenger Cafe & Bar

  10. Green Cab Shelter - Notting Hill



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