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London likely to bid farewell to last diesel Black Cabs by 2032

Updated: Apr 26

London is set to phase out all diesel-powered black cabs by 2032. The city's transformation aligns with ambitious environmental goals, positioning London as one of the world’s leaders in reducing urban pollution.

The last sales of diesel taxis occurred at the end of 2017, marking the end of an era for the iconic London Taxi Company TX4 and the Mercedes-Benz Vito models. These vehicles are subject to a 15-year operational limit, effectively setting their retirement by the year 2032.

Currently, London is making strides in its commitment to a cleaner taxi fleet with 8,434 licensed zero-emission capable (ZEC) taxis already in service. This shift not only reflects drivers' dedication to modernising the taxi fleet but also supports broader environmental policies aimed at enhancing air quality.

The TX4, a prominent figure in London’s taxi history, has been widely recognised for its durability and traditional design. Manufactured by the London Taxi Company, the TX4 is celebrated for features like a tight turning circle, comfortable passenger space including accessibility features, and the distinct black cab aesthetic that has become synonymous with London's streets. Its popularity stems from the cultural heritage it represents, instantly recognisable as a London taxi the world over.

The number of diesel black cabs will continue to twiddle fast over the coming years. Over half the licensed taxi fleet is now ZEC.


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