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LONDON TUBE AND RAIL STRIKES: What’s running when and where in London during July 2023 strikes

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

A number of unions representing London Underground workers have announced strikes that are scheduled to take place between Sunday 23 and Saturday 29 July. If these strikes proceed as planned, commuters and residents can expect significant disruption across the entire Tube network.

London taxi drivers have been warned of high demand throughout the period which also includes National Rail strikes.

The strikes will be carried out on various days, with each day presenting its own set of challenges for travelers.

On Sunday 23 July, Tube services will close early, and commuters are advised to complete their journeys by 19:00. The following day, Monday 24 July, a good service is expected by late morning. However, on Tuesday 25 and Thursday 27 July, there will be little to no Tube service running across the London Underground.

The strikes will intensify further on Wednesday 26 and Friday 28 July, when no Tube service is expected at all, including the Night Tube. However, there is some respite as Tube services on Saturday 29 July are expected to start later than usual but return to a good service level by midday.

Passengers should be aware that on days when limited Tube services are available, they are likely to be extremely busy and subject to delays. Furthermore, the strikes will impact not only the Tube but also other forms of public transport. Roads and all other public transport services are expected to face significant congestion between Monday 23 July and Friday 28 July.

Despite the planned Tube strikes, it is worth noting that there are no strikes scheduled on DLR, London Overground, Night Overground, Elizabeth line, tram, or IFS Cloud Cable Car services. However, some DLR, London Overground (including night services), and Elizabeth line services may be affected by station closures where stations also serve London Underground lines.

In addition to the Tube strikes, national rail strikes have also been scheduled. These strikes will take place on Thursday 20, Saturday 22, and Saturday 29 July. Passengers are advised to visit the National Rail website for detailed information about their impact nationwide. It is important to note that these national rail strikes may also have an effect on some District line, London Overground, Elizabeth line, and tram services.

With the anticipated disruption to London's transport network, demand for taxis is set to peak throughout the strike period.


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