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London Uber driver reluctant to let guide dog in car for being ‘too big’

Image credit: Stephen Anderson (Twitter)

An Uber driver has been filmed refusing to take a guide dog in London.

The unnamed driver was recorded by Stephen Anderson, who is visually impaired. The Uber driver said that he only allowed small dogs in his car, mimicking one sitting on his lap. He then went on to claim Mr Anderson's dog, whose name is Barney, was “too big”.

The footage, which was posted on Mr Anderson's Twitter account, shows him asking the driver why he was not allowing the dog on board and to confirm that although it had been explained that Barney was a guide dog and the driver was legally obliged to accept the fare, that he was indeed refusing.

Mr Anderson can be heard asking the driver if the reason for him refusing the fare was because the dog was "too big".

Mr Anderson continued to explain the law to the Uber driver, saying: "I'm just going to explain this very simply. As I've explained to you, he's a guide dog.

"Under Section 107 of the Equality Act, there is an obligation to take - as he's a guide dog."

The Uber driver appears to stay firm with his decision not to allow the dog into the vehicle until a member of the public who was passing by overheard the incident and confronted the driver.

The passer-by spoke through the vehicle window, saying: “You can't deny him! You cannot deny him, that's a guide dog.

"You cannot deny him by law. You cannot deny him it's a guide dog. He can take his dog in a shop, anywhere he wants."

The Uber driver then exited the vehicle and opened the back door. He pointed to the footwell and said the dog could now travel as long as it sat on the floor.

Mr Anderson said that would be fine but asked to move the dog to the other side so he could push the seat forward to allow extra room.

Mr Anderson said on his Twitter feed: “A very near miss with Uber just now at Harrow on the Hill Station. Refusing to take a guide dog and only doing so when a kind member of the public intervenes.

”This has to stop, it‘s getting ridiculous. How I didn’t flip my lid ill never know.”

Uber responded on Mr Anderson's Twitter feed confirming they were going to look into the incident further.


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