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London Uber passenger left infuriated after being charged £71 for a 2 mile journey

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Image credit : Twitter @leoncliff_

An Uber passenger has been left bewildered and infuriated after he was charged £71 for a 2 mile trip in the capital.

Leon took to social media to share his outrage at the price of the journey, which worked out over £35 per mile.

Posting on Twitter @leoncliff_ Leon wrote: "Hey Uber, why was I charged £71 for a 2 mile trip last night, despite being shown a different amount when booking.

"In what world is this ok? No way to sort this on your website or app."

Leon continued: "How does raising a fare help a customer get somewhere efficiently?"

Twitter users jumped on the post's feed to have their say, with one writing: "Ok, I can't imagine under what circumstances a trip from Shoreditch to Finsbury Park would be £70, that's wild."

Uber has said it will do its best to "make things right" and has thanked Leon for his patience.


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