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LONG OR SHORT: What is the average length of journey for a taxi or PHV?

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Taxi drivers across the UK all dream about that long ‘roader’ to the airport or further afield, but how often does it happen and what is the average length of a journey?

In a recent study conducted by the Department for Transport (DfT), it was found that the majority of taxi or Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) trips in the United Kingdom are relatively short distances. The DfT's statistics highlight that a mammoth 91% of these journeys are for distances less than 10 miles, with this proportion remaining consistent over the past few years.

Comparable to other modes of transportation, taxi trips exhibited a unique pattern. The study revealed that such rides were less likely to be less than one mile, distinguishing them from options such as cycling or walking. On the other hand, they were also less likely to extend beyond the 10-mile mark, differentiating them from longer-haul journeys typically serviced by trains or buses.

This data sheds light on the travel preferences of commuters and residents alike, showcasing the convenience and practicality of opting for taxis or PHVs for shorter distances. It also emphasises the essential role played by these services in providing quick and efficient transportation solutions.

The report serves as a valuable reference point for policymakers and stakeholders within the transportation industry, encouraging them to recognise the significance of taxis and PHVs in providing reliable and accessible travel options for shorter trips.


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