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LOST AND FOUND: Where to find your lost property left in a Glasgow taxi

It can happen to anyone. Passengers using black cabs can accidentally leave belongings at any point.

Glasgow City Council (GCC) has outlined several steps for passengers to retrieve items left behind in taxis or private hire vehicles.

Passengers who have pre-booked their journey are advised to first contact the booking operator. The operator is then responsible for liaising with the driver to confirm whether the lost items have been found in the vehicle.

In cases where taxis are hailed directly from the street or taxi ranks, individuals should reach out to the city’s taxi and private hire enforcement unit. GCC say the unit will assist where they can to track down the specific taxi and establish communication with the driver to recover any lost property.

Furthermore, Glasgow Taxis Limited (GTL), which represents approximately half of the city's licensed Hackney taxis, has clarified its position regarding lost property. Services involving their affiliated taxis, identified by 'Glasgow Taxis' branding, will offer their assistance to customers who can provide a booking reference or other proof of travel.

For additional assistance, passengers can contact Police Scotland through their online lost property service, especially when other recovery attempts have been unsuccessful.

It’s also worth noting, passengers who pay by card and receive a receipt may find driver details on it, potentially simplifying the process of retrieving lost property.


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