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LTDA warns drivers to be cautious when buying second-hand taxis licensed OUTSIDE of London

The London Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA) has warned potential second-hand buyers of TXE cabs to be cautious and check when buying taxis listed outside of the capital.

With the first electric LEVC TX models hitting the market almost five years ago, many of these vehicles are now reaching the second-hand market.

LTDA Executive SO, Lloyd Baldwin, highlighted the importance of checking any potential second-hand purchase of a TXE vehicle that is not licensed in London. Vehicles that are licensed in other parts of the country may have slight differences that could fail a NSL test. Baldwin advised potential buyers to ask for all of the cab's details, including an image of the Vin plate, to ensure that the vehicle meets TfL's conditions of fitness before making a purchase.

Potential buyers can also find TXE cabs for sale on various online platforms. However, Baldwin cautioned that this option also requires thorough research and inquiry to avoid any pitfalls.

There was a also a suggestion that buyers should consider purchasing an extended warranty, as owning a cab out of warranty can lead to costly repairs for the buyer.

Lloyd Baldwin, LTDA Executive SO, said in TAXI Newspaper: “We are now reaching a point where cabbies who bought the TXE when it first came onto the market, have cabs approaching five years old. These cabs are now starting to enter the second-hand market.

“The general feeling at the moment, is that if you do buy one of these, it may best to buy some warranty for it. There is plenty of concern that having one out of warranty may leave you with a huge bill for anything that may go wrong. Time of course will tell whether these concerns are well-founded.

“Personally, I would look into the warranty and add the price of that on to the overhaul cost of the cab, if buying second hand.

“If you look on the internet you will also see TXEs for sale from different parts of the country. The issue with those is that TXEs licensed in other parts of the country may have subtle differences to the ones in London, and therefore may not pass at a NSL test. If you do look into this, please, please ask the seller to send you all the cab's details, preferably with an image of the Vin plate. I can then enquire with TfL to make sure the cab meets the conditions of fitness, on your behalf.”


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