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MAJOR DEFECTS: Taxi driver licence revoked after driving over 100 miles on a failed MOT

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Bath and North East Somerset Council has revoked the licence of a taxi driver who drove over 100 miles with major defects in his vehicle after failing an MOT.

The driver, who has not been named, drove his taxi with four major defects and one "do not drive until repaired" dangerous defect, which he failed to disclose.

In March, the council’s licensing subcommittee heard his case in a private session, where he apologised and admitted his fault. He claimed that he had no intention to harm anyone and had personal and family issues at the time.

The committee, while sympathising with his situation, emphasised the importance of ensuring the safety of passengers and pedestrians. Therefore, they revoked his licence on notice.

During the hearing, it was revealed that the driver had driven a further 2,701 miles on tyres with a tread of only 2mm, just above the legal minimum of 1.6mm.

He replaced them only after his car failed its MOT in September 2022, by which time the tyre cords were exposed on one tyre, and another had a deep cut the depth of the cord surface.

The driver had held his Bath and North East Somerset Hackney Carriage/Private Hire Driver’s licence for just under two years. Councillors urged all other taxi drivers to take note of this incident and ensure road safety at all times.


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