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Mammoth 555 PCNs issued in just ONE MONTH for motorists parking on taxi ranks in Birmingham

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Birmingham City Council (BCC) Licensing has revealed that an astonishing 555 penalty charge notices (PCNs) were issued to drivers in November alone for illegally parking in a taxi rank.

The mammoth figure has pushed the total PCNs for the year to nearly 3,000, raising concerns  among taxi drivers regarding the persistent violation of parking regulations.

Designated taxi ranks enable licensed drivers to maintain a consistent presence, providing reliable transportation services for the public. This consistent availability is crucial for the efficient functioning of the city's taxi services, ensuring that passengers can easily find a cab when needed.

Non-taxis occupying these ranks can create uncertainty for people searching for a licensed taxi. Passengers, unaware of the presence of unlicensed taxis, may unknowingly enter them, leading to safety implications. By unlawfully parking in hackney carriage ranks, unauthorised vehicles not only disrupt the business of licensed taxi drivers but also jeopardise the safety and trust of the public.

A Birmingham City Council (BCC) Licensing spokesperson said: “A massive 555 pcn's were issued to drivers in November for illegally parking in a Hackney Carriage Rank.

“This takes the total for the year to almost 3,000!”


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