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Man charged after road rage incident involving taxi driver

A man from Crewe has been charged in relation to a road rage incident involving a taxi driver on Friday 6 October.

The male driving a Citroën became embroiled in a dispute with a taxi driver on Middlewich Road, Crewe. Whilst both cars were stationary, he got out of his vehicle and started punching the windows of a taxi and making threats to the driver.

He then followed the taxi, dangerously overtaking it and slammed on his brakes to stop the taxi again. He got out a second time but the taxi managed to get away.

Damage was also caused to a passing vehicle during the confrontation.

Jamie Williams, 34, was arrested at his home address by response officers later that day. He has been charged with a public order offence and driving without due care and attention.

He will appear in court on 26 October.


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