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Man disqualified for speeding at 114mph granted Glasgow PHV licence

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

The Glasgow City Council (GCC) licensing committee has granted a licence to a man who was previously disqualified from driving after being caught travelling at a staggering speed of 114mph.

According to STV News, the incident occurred in 2019 when a mobile camera captured Aqale Mohammaed’s “excessive” speeding. Police Scotland strongly objected to his bid to become a private hire vehicle (PHV) driver, emphasising that such a serious violation indicated his unsuitability for the position. Nevertheless, Mohammaed pleaded for a chance to "try to prove that this will never happen again".

After careful consideration, the licensing committee opted to grant Mohammaed a restricted licence for a one-year period. However, the decision did not come without stern warnings from Councillor Alex Wilson, SNP, who chairs the committee. Wilson highlighted the potentially fatal consequences of the applicant's "exceptionally dangerous" driving, stressing that lives were put at risk due to his actions.

A police officer revealed that Mohammaed had previously been disqualified for 70 days and fined £450 by the Dumfries Justice of the Peace Court for his blatant violation. Police Scotland firmly maintained their belief that he was not a "fit and proper person" to hold a private hire driver's licence.

Councillor Wilson reiterated the importance of adhering to speed limits, emphasising the responsibility of a PHV driver to prioritise passenger safety. He raised concerns about situations where passengers might urge drivers to exceed speed limits due to time constraints. Mohammaed assured the committee that, given his current circumstances, he would strictly adhere to legal speed limits to guarantee the safety of his passengers.


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