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‘WREAKED HAVOC’: Man sentenced to over seven years after crime rampage against taxi drivers in Surrey

Image credit: Surrey Police

A man has been sentenced to seven and a half years in prison, following a string of aggressive and fraudulent crimes against taxi drivers in East Surrey.

The wave of criminal activity occurred during September and October of last year, with Kieran Telfer, 28, engaging in theft, fraud, and robbery.

The initial incident occurred when Telfer committed theft at a Job Centre in Redhill by taking a purse from under a staff member's desk. He swiftly misused the stolen bank card across various stores, accumulating over £300 in fraudulent transactions before the card was deactivated.

The situation escalated over the following month with two separate attacks on taxi drivers in Leatherhead. On 23 October, after requesting change for a £50 note, Telfer struck a driver and took his wallet and keys. Although the driver managed to retrieve his possessions, £600 in cash was missing.

Days later, Telfer, masquerading under a false name, directed another driver to Leatherhead under the pretence of running an errand. Here, he escalated his earlier aggression by threatening the driver at knifepoint to hand over more than £500.

Telfer’s arrest on 1 November followed swift identification by local police officers. He was uncooperative in custody, leading to his charge and subsequent conviction at Guildford Crown Court for multiple counts of robbery, theft, and fraud by false representation.

He was sentenced to seven and a half years’ imprisonment (90 months) and ordered to pay a victim surcharge.

Investigating officer DC Hannah Simmonds said: “Last autumn Telfer wreaked havoc across East Surrey, stealing from innocent, law-abiding people and putting several in fear of serious injury.

“Although we are lucky enough not to have a significant problem with knife crime, we appreciate just how terrifying offences like these are for those affected and will deal robustly with offenders.

“I know how much these events would have concerned residents at the time, and I hope that the sentence handed down by the court will reassure them that this dangerous individual is now behind bars.”


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