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Manchester taxi stop leads to arrest after passenger found smoking cannabis in the back

Image credit: Greater Manchester Police City Centre

A taxi was stopped by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) after a close call with a police vehicle on King Street in Manchester’s Commercial District.

The stop, which initially seemed routine, quickly escalated into a drug-related arrest.

According to a City Centre police spokesperson, Southern Gateway officers took action following the near miss. The taxi driver, who promptly apologised for the incident, was reported. However, the real cause for concern was discovered in the back seat of the vehicle.

A passenger was found smoking cannabis and was immediately arrested by the officers. The individual is now facing charges for possession with intent to supply Class B drugs. The spokesperson confirmed that the passenger has been placed under strict bail conditions pending further proceedings by the Crown Prosecution Service.

A Greater Manchester Police (GMP) City Centre spokesperson said: “Southern Gateway Officers recently stopped a taxi following a near miss with their police vehicle on King Street in the Commercial District.

“The apologetic taxi driver was reported, it seems officers didn't need a 'coppers nose' for this stop as the passenger smoking Cannabis in the back was speedily arrested for Possession with intent to Supply Class B drugs.

“He will remain on strict bail conditions until the case is taken to the Crown Prosecution Service.”


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