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Mansfield Council to allow taxis to tow luggage trailers for airport runs and carry ‘run-flat’ tyre

Updated: Jan 21

Mansfield District Council has ratified a series of amendments to its Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicle Policy which will allow cab drivers to tow extra luggage and carry a ‘run-flat’ tyre.

The changes were initially proposed by the region’s Licensing Manager and will soon be deliberated in a report to the Licensing Committee later this month.

This policy overhaul is a response to the changing features found in modern vehicles and is highlighted by insights from both the taxi trade and the council’s Fleet Services. These amendments are primarily driven by the necessity to adapt to the evolving specifications of contemporary vehicles.

Spare Tyre Policy Revised: Recognising the modern trend of vehicles being equipped with smart tyre repair kits rather than full spare wheels, the council has amended the spare tyre requirement. The new policy accepts either a smart repair kit or run-flat tyre as viable alternatives. However, vehicles with a run-flat tyre or a temporary tyre repair will not carry passengers until a full specification wheel is fitted.

Approval for Tow Bars and Trailers: A major change, garnering significant discussion, is the authorisation of tow bars and trailers for taxis. This amendment, in line with standards from other licensing authorities, addresses the frequent issue of insufficient boot space for luggage during airport runs. The new policy enables taxis to use trailers, enhancing luggage capacity and better meeting customer needs on airport transfers.

Reduced Brake Horse Power Requirement: Aligning with the performance of modern vehicles, the council has lowered the minimum brake horse power requirement from 90 to 80. This adjustment expands the range of vehicle options available to drivers.

Notably, these amendments were made without public consultation, as they were not considered to significantly impact passengers or the taxi trade. Instead, they were formulated based on feedback from the taxi industry and the council’s Fleet Services.


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