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Mayor of London says taxi drivers CAN use police stations to drop lost property despite concerns

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

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The Mayor of London says taxi drivers CAN use any police station in the capital to drop off lost property.

Caroline Pidgeon, a London Assembly member, raised concerns over the location of Transport for London's (TfL) new Lost Property Office. Pidgeon questioned whether an additional facility, preferably situated at Heathrow or another easily accessible location, could be established to make it more convenient for taxi drivers to drop off lost property.

The issue was brought up during a recent written question put to London Mayor, Sadiq Khan. The London Assembly member highlighted the challenges taxi drivers face when having to drive to Newham to drop off lost property at the newly opened facility. Pidgeon pointed out that a location closer to Heathrow or other transportation hubs would greatly benefit taxi drivers, reduce travel time, and enhance efficiency.

Responding to the concerns raised, Mayor Sadiq Khan acknowledged the need for improved accessibility for taxi drivers but offered an alternative solution. Khan stated that in addition to TfL's Lost Property Office in Newham, taxi drivers are permitted to drop off lost property at any Metropolitan Police Service or City of London Police station.

Khan said: “In addition to Transport for London’s Lost Property Office, taxi drivers are able to drop off lost property at any Metropolitan Police Service or City of London Police station.”

Recently the Licensed Taxi Driver Association (LTDA) has highlighted multiple cases where police officers have incorrectly refused to accept items left behind in taxis, causing inconvenience and frustration for both drivers and the passengers who have misplaced items in a taxi.

A Licensed Taxi Driver Association (LTDA) spokesperson said via social media on 13 November 2023: “We are still getting reports of police stations incorrectly refusing to accept property left in a cab.

“If this happens to you, please politely ask for officers name or shoulder number and let us know along with details of the station, date and time etc.”


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