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Mayor will ‘help break through bureaucracy’ to deliver more taxi charging hubs says Assembly Member

The Mayor of London will ‘help break through bureaucracy’ after calls for more electric taxi charging hubs are met in a positive fashion.

In a recent statement, Caroline Pidgeon, a London Assembly Member representing the Liberal Democrats, called for further support for the taxi trade in the form of electric vehicle (EV) taxi hubs at stations and rest/refreshment ranks.

Pidgeon highlighted that she had previously raised this issue a year ago and emphasised the importance of the Mayor of London taking action to assist the trade.

Acknowledging the challenges faced by taxi drivers in adopting electric vehicles due to limited charging infrastructure, Pidgeon argued that the provision of EV taxi hubs at strategic locations would help overcome this barrier.

By establishing these hubs, drivers would have access to reliable charging facilities which would enable them to smoothly transition to electric vehicles and contribute to reducing emissions in the city.

Pidgeon also mentioned her collaboration with the London Cab Drivers Club (LCDC) in advocating for these initiatives. With the aim of supporting the taxi trade, both Pidgeon and the LCDC have been urging the Mayor of London to address the bureaucratic hurdles that have impeded progress in setting up the EV taxi hubs.

Responding to the calls for action, the Mayor of London is said to have agreed to support the efforts and expressed willingness to confront the bureaucratic obstacles that have hindered the implementation of the proposed taxi hubs. This commitment from the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, signals a potential step forward in assisting the taxi trade and encouraging the wider adoption of electric vehicles within the industry.

Pidgeon AM said via social media: “I’ve also pushed the Mayor of London to do more to help the taxi trade to set up Electric Vehicle taxi hubs at stations and rest/refreshment ranks as I had asked a year ago, supporting The LCDC (London Cab Drivers Club)

“Mayor agreed to help break through the bureaucracy we have been facing.”


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