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MEN SENTENCED: Taxi driver brutally stabbed FIVE times and has cab stolen over £6 fare

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Image credit: South Wales Police

Two men have been sentenced to a total of 15-years following the brutal stabbing of a 58-year-old Swansea based taxi driver in June.

On Wednesday 29 June the victim was working as a taxi driver and picked up two men who were going from Swansea to the Mayhill area.

With £6 on the meter the taxi stopped outside the Old Boys’ Club, Longridge, where Ludvik Rac, aged 18 from Caerau, Cardiff, got out of the taxi, opened the driver door and attempted to pull the victim out of his taxi and demanded money. The victim got out of his taxi and Ludvik Rac got into the driver’s seat. The taxi driver tried to get Ludvik Rac out of the driver seat when he was confronted by Kyle Parsons, aged 18, from Clase, Swansea who had a large knife. Kyle Parsons stabbed the taxi driver five times to his leg and body and once to his hand.

The two men made off from the taxi however they left a bottle of water on the back seat of the taxi. The bottle had the fingerprint of Ludvik Rac on it and his fingerprint was also recovered from the interior door handle of the taxi.

Both Ludvik Rac and Kyle Parsons pleaded guilty to attempted robbery and Kyle Parsons pleaded guilty to Section 18 assault.

Kyle Parsons (pictured left) was given 10 ½ years for attempted robbery and GBH with intent, as well as possession of a knife. Ludvik Rac (pictured right) was given 4 ½ years for attempted robbery.

Detective Sergeant Andy Davies said: “This was a very nasty and totally unprovoked attack on the victim, and it could easily have had more serious life-threatening consequences for him.

“The suspects were quickly identified and arrested as a result of a comprehensive investigation supported by information from members of the public.

"This case illustrates very clearly the risks and harm caused by people carrying knives. I hope the sentences received will provide some level of reassurance to the victim and his family, and also serve as a suitable deterrent message to others about the penalties that serious knife crimes such as this will attract."


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