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Mercedes-Benz black cab retrofit solution passes latest TfL inspection says HJS Emissions

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Image credit: HJS Emissions Technology

Transport for London (TfL) may have provided a much-needed boost to the London taxi industry as the latest inspection for a Mercedes-Benz Vito black cab retrofit passes.

The announcement came after the Vito black cab successfully passed a TfL inspection. HJS Emission Technology, the provider of the retrofit solution, expressed their excitement on social media, stating: "Vito has just passed the TfL inspection so off to Millbrook we go next week..."

The retrofitting of Euro 5 standard taxis to meet Euro 6 emissions standards is seen as a more affordable alternative for taxi drivers compared to purchasing entirely new vehicles. This cost-effective option should allow taxi drivers to contribute to the fight against air pollution without committing to buying brand new vehicles.

Air pollution has been a significant concern in London for years, and the potential introduction of this retrofit solution should have a positive impact on the city's air quality. By upgrading the existing fleet of taxis, emissions will be reduced, leading to cleaner air for both Londoners and visitors.

The retrofit solution must now prepare to undergo further testing at Millbrook before the the green light is given to the new technology in London.


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