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Merseyside Police ask "Is there a level of under reporting of hate crime amongst taxi & PHV drivers"

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Image credit : Merseyside Police/Pixabay remixed

Merseyside Police have begun a survey asking if there is a level of under reporting of hate crimes against licensed taxi and private hire drivers.

Inspector Andrew Lloyd has asked for the survey to be shared as much as possible across social media for drivers to complete.

The survey asks if Liverpool licensed cabbies have ever been subjected to a hate crime and whether they reported it to the police.

If the driver says no, they are then asked to confirm why they did not report the incident.

Drivers are then given the option of to go into more detail about any incident they believe to have been a hate crime.

The move comes after a number of verbal and physical abuse incidents on taxi and private hire drivers around the UK, some resulting in serious injury and even death.

One of the most disturbing incidents of abuse on a taxi driver resulted in the victim dying from his injuries. The incident happened in Rochdale, Greater Manchester on 30 October. The taxi driver was assaulted and spent the following two weeks fighting for his life in intensive care. Sadly he passed away from his injuries on on Sunday 14 November.


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