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Met Police target taxis and minicabs to run driver checks and raise passenger safety awareness

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Image credit: Met Police Roads and Transport (@MPSRTPC)

Metropolitan Police officers targeted taxi and private hire vehicles in the capital to run driver checks and raise passenger safety awareness.

Officers stopped vehicles in south London on the Old Kent Road to check driver details and provide information to onboard passengers that stated sexual harassment is not tolerated on the Transport for London (TfL) network.

In a leaflet provided by officers it read: ‘Any incident can have an impact on people’s lives. Rubbing against someone, touching someone inappropriately, making unsolicited remarks of a sexual nature, revealing intimate body parts, sending or showing sexual content and taking photos under someone’s clothes. It’s all sexual harassment. It’s all serious to us.’

According to latest figures from 2019, six private hire drivers were convicted for sexual offences. A further two unlicensed drivers were convicted of sexual offences, one of those offences included rape.

A Met Police Roads and Transport spokesperson said: “Southwark and Lambeth Safer Transport Team have been working the night shift on the Old Kent Road with the taxi and private hire team checking cabs and ensuring passenger safety.

“Please plan your journey ahead and always use a reputable taxi. Drivers will always have ID.”


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