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Mid-Devon District Council proposes revised taxi and PHV policy

Mid-Devon District Council are currently seeking public feedback on a series of proposed revisions to its Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy.

The call for input follows a comprehensive review of the existing policy conducted in September 2023, which identified several potential changes.

The aim of the review and subsequent updates to the policy is to ensure that it continues to be effective and relevant. The Council's focus has been on crafting a policy that is both practical and equitable, adhering to compliance standards for regulating the taxi trade within the Mid Devon area.

Councillor David Wulff, Cabinet Member for Community and Leisure, said: "Our engagement platform, Let's Talk Mid Devon, enables residents to help shape the policies that impact our community. Join us in the conversation as we seek your insights on proposed updates to the taxi policy.

“A number of other council projects are currently open for consultation, including the Crediton Masterplan, a rural services survey, and a petition of the condition of Mid Devon highways to be improved.”


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