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‘MIDGET GEM FIGHT’: Cab firm bans group of passengers from service after late night sweet battle

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

A private hire firm in Hull has banned customers from its service after a group embarked on having a ‘Midget Gem’ fight in one of their vehicles.

The passengers who chucked the popular fruit flavoured sweets used a Willerby Cars ‘bus’ last night (Saturday 26 February).

The driver of the vehicle asked the group whether their behaviour was appropriate, but it was quickly dismissed. One of the group said they ‘should be glad it isn't a kebab’.

Willerby Cars shared the incident on social media reaffirming their strict no food or drink policy within their vehicles.

A Willerby Cars spokesperson said: “Picked up some passengers last night (adults) who thought it appropriate to have a midget gem fight in the back of my bus. When asked to clear them up the response was “it’s not as if it’s a kebab all over the floor driver”

“Please have some consideration that our children have to travel in our vehicles and we don’t want to have to clear your mess up to enable a safe clean journey for the next customer.

“Consider yourself banned!”


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