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Minicab drivers protest at Parliament Square over low pay and unfair deactivations by ride-hail apps

Image credit : UPHD remixed

Private hire drivers are currently protesting around London's Parliament Square over low pay and unfair deactivations by ride-hailing apps such as Uber.

The protest, organised by the United Private Hire Drivers Union (UPHD) is calling for a number of improvements to the working conditions of minicab drivers by operators, most notably apps within the "gig-economy".

The UPHD have put forward a number of demands for ride-hailing apps to adopt, some of which include better rates per mile, 15% maximum commission, transparency of charges on customers, no fixed rate trips and no more unfair deactivations.

A spokesperson for the Union said: "This protest is vital for our drivers to improve the terms and conditions of our job."

The protest will see international coordination with unions from both Nigeria and Uruguay.

As well as direct demands to ride-hail operators, the UPHD are also demanding action from government. These demands include regulation of companies, improved health and safety regulations, protection against unfair deactivations, a cap on the number of drivers based on research and need, and a stop to anti-migrant Nationality and Borders Bill.


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