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Minicab reported by police after seen ‘driving around with a frozen windscreen’

Image credit: Merseyside Roads Policing Unit

Shocked police officers in Liverpool stopped and reported a private hire vehicle (PHV) driver after ‘driving around with a frozen windscreen’.

Merseyside Roads Policing Unit pulled over the minicab driver in the early hours of Saturday morning in the Kensington area of Liverpool.

Officers shared images of the black Volkswagen PHV showing only a small section of a frozen windscreen scraped.

Police officers reported the driver for the offence.

A Merseyside Roads Policing Unit spokesperson said: “There was no way the driver of this Private Hire vehicle could've had a full view of the road.

"He was stopped on Kensington after he was seen driving around with a frozen windscreen and reported for the offence.”


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