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Minicabs blocking EMERGENCY EXITS at Euston station causing "SAFETY ISSUES" say TfL

Image credit : Google Street View remixed

Transport for London (TfL) have issued a warning to private hire drivers in the capital after numerous complaints have been made about drivers blocking emergency exits while waiting and picking up fares from Euston Station.

During this week's tube strikes especially, multiple minicabs could be seen at any one time parked on the east side of Euston station, Eversholt Street, waiting to pick up passengers.

It is believed that when booking a private hire vehicle from Euston Station, through ride-hailing apps such as Uber and Bolt, the pickup location states the Eversholt Street side of the station.

Eversholt Street is a very busy road and used by many motorists crossing North and South over Euston Road. It's also where many buses enter and exit Euston Station bus garage.

Using social media to remind private hire drivers that stopping there is illegal, a spokesperson for Transport for London Taxi & Private Hire said: "Euston: PHVs should not park on Eversholt Street as this is obstructing the station emergency exits and causing safety issues."

Social media users jumped on the tweet to have their say, with one commenting: "Maybe get Camden Council to repaint the double yellows and actually do some on street enforcement. Or adopt a red route and fine them £80 a time when they stop. You do it to taxis often enough."

Another slammed TfL, saying: "This is a PHV illegal rank and you know full well about it but turn a blind eye. No enforcement, No cameras. Potential death trap. Not just during tube strikes - everyday."

Another wrote: "Just passing Eversholt Street. Can't see any enforcement and loads blocking the road. Talk is cheap."


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