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MORE CHARGERS THAN TAXIS: Government 'must do more' with just 26 ZEC taxis licensed in Coventry

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Just TWENTY SIX taxi drivers have made the move to electric taxis in Coventry, despite the council investing £1.2m in 39 chargepoints in the city to help drivers switch to greener vehicles.

The 26 cabbies who have made the change represent just 3% of the taxis licensed in Coventry. The council are aiming to only renew taxi licences for zero emission capable (ZEC) vehicles by 2024.

A ‘Go Electric Taxi’ scheme was set up in 2018 which included a range of different incentives worth £2,500 for taxi drivers interested in making the switch to a cleaner vehicle. Included was the opportunity for a two-week test drive for all Coventry Hackney cab drivers.

However, according to the BBC, “cost is a barrier” to switching admitted the authority.

From the same report Councillor John Mutton said the price of the ZEC vehicles was “prohibitive” for cab drivers he had spoken to, and the Government should now “put their money where their mouth is" with more grants to help drivers switch.


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