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Motoring experts demand Government guidance on ‘Pothole Swerving’

In a nation where roads increasingly resemble obstacle courses, motoring specialists are making a resounding call to the Government for official guidance on how to safely navigate the plague of potholes that scar our roads.

The matter is highlighted by findings from, revealing that some potholes remain unfilled for periods extending beyond 18 months. The lack of clear directives leaves drivers in a quandary about the legality of swerving to avoid these hazards.

A recent survey conducted by has cast a spotlight on the severity of the issue, with a staggering 90% of drivers reporting the prevalence of potholes in their localities. A significant 60% of respondents disclosed that they, or their acquaintances, have experienced vehicle damage as a direct consequence. This has compelled many motorists to adopt evasive manoeuvres, such as abrupt stopping or swerving, to avoid costly damage to their vehicles.

However, the experts warned that such defensive driving tactics could inadvertently lead to legal repercussions. Drivers risk being penalised for careless or inconsiderate driving, with potential outcomes ranging from licence disqualification to the imposition of three to nine penalty points. Furthermore, attempts to dodge potholes that are deemed as driving without due care and attention could attract fines up to £2,500.

Greg Wilson, Founder and CEO of, said: “With the cost-of-living crisis pushing insurance premiums up, costly damage to vehicles due to potholes is the last thing drivers need. We are calling for there to be more information on how drivers should tackle problematic potholes in their area. 

“Pothole related damage to vehicles is becoming more expensive as parts, paint and repair costs all soar, meaning drivers are having to lose their no claims bonus to claim for repairs. It’s one of the key reasons that car insurance costs are on the rise, a surge in claims is escalating insurance premiums right across the UK.

“Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more potholes across our roads, and they pose serious safety risks for all road users. With the current poor weather conditions and a lack of adequate funding, our roads are deteriorating, and many drivers are left frustrated with the never-ending issue. 


“As potholes around the country go unfilled for months, many drivers are unable to take their normal routes without needing to amend their driving to avoid hitting them, cheaper insufficient materials are reportedly being used to cut costs, meaning the repairs are often only a temporary solution.


“Driving over potholes can cause damaged suspension components, bent steering parts, damaged shock absorbers, tyre damage and even broken wheels.


“However, if you have an accident while swerving round a pothole, it is likely you who will be held criminally liable. This means you could be charged with a number of wrongdoings, from driving without due care and attention to even harsher offences.


“Perhaps it’s a case of temporary speed reductions in problematic areas or alternative route diversions to reduce the risk of incidents and stop roads from deteriorating further.  This problem isn’t going away in the foreseeable future, so we need manageable solutions and practical information to protect all road users from harm and safeguard their finances.”


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