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Motorist thought it would be ok to complete KENT TO SURREY motorway journey in smashed up car

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Image credit : Twitter @SurreyRoadCops

A motorist has told police that he thought it would be ok to continue his journey from Kent to Surrey despite his vehicle being badly damaged.

Officers from Surrey's Roads Policing Unit stopped the vehicle, which had large parts of its bodywork dragging along the M25 motorway near Cobham.

Further investigations revealed that the driver had been involved in a collision earlier on the M25 in Kent.

According to the officers who intercepted the vehicle, the driver underwent a breath test on the roadside, and although it came back positive, it was under the prescribed limit.

Highlighting the incident via their Twitter account @SurreyRoadCops, a spokesperson for the force said: "We stopped this vehicle seen driving on the M25 near Cobham.

"The driver told officers he had crashed the car on the M25 in Kent and thought it would be ok to continue the journey in this condition.

"The driver gave a positive breath test but was under the prescribed limit."

The police confirmed that the vehicle was immediately prohibited from use on the road and the driver was reported for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition.


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