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NATIONWIDE LACK OF NEW TAXIS: One English region offering less than 10% of cabs under five-years-old

The number of newly licensed taxis entering the cab industry has plummeted in recent years with one region offering less than 10% of vehicles under five-years-old.

In the latest statistics, the age of both taxis and private hire vehicles (PHV) is detailed and broken down between regions. In Yorkshire and the Humber, just 9.6% of licensed taxis are currently under five- years-old. Closely followed are the West Midlands (11.7%) and the North West (12%) making up the slowest regions to invest in new taxi vehicles.

A fall in work levels stunted investment in new vehicles during some of the last five-year period. However, shifts towards newer zero-emission capable taxis can be seen in some cities.

In London a healthy 36.7% of the trade’s black cabs are under five-years-old. In second place, sits the South West with 17.9% of the fleet newly licensed in the last five years, whilst the North East sit in third place on 16.7%.

Transport ministers recently confirmed the EXTENSION of the Plug-in Taxi Grants (PiTG) scheme until at least the financial year 2023/24 for new electric taxis.

The PiTG scheme currently offers a discount on the price of eligible taxis of up to a maximum of £7,500 or £3,000 – depending on the vehicle’s range, emissions and design. It is available to all taxi drivers and businesses buying or leasing a new purpose- built taxi at the point of purchase from the dealership or manufacturer.

Under the scheme, eligible taxis are allocated into one of two categories based on their carbon emissions and zero-emission range:

  • Category 1 PiTG (up to £7,500) - a zero emission range of 70 miles or more and emissions of less than 50g CO2/km.

  • Category 2 PiTG (up to £3,000) –a zero emission range of 10-69 miles and emissions of less than 50gCO2/km.

There are also regional schemes helping drivers make the move to newer cleaner taxis. In Birmingham cabbies could be eligible for an extra £2,000 if they purchase a clean air zone compliant taxi.

Across the border the ‘Switched on Taxis loan’ from Energy Saving Trust offers a 0% interest loan available on the purchase of a new TX Electric Taxi, available to Hackney Carriage vehicle owners licensed in Scotland.


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