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Nearly HALF of all Brits have opened up to taxi drivers discussing their love life

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Image credit: FREE NOW

According to mobility super app FREE NOW, nearly half of all Brits have opened up to their taxi driver about their love life.

Topics have ranged from love and relationships generally (50%) to bad date experiences (47%), good date experiences (36%) and seeking advice about dating or love (20%).

Most Brits (56%) say they turn to taxi drivers because they are relative strangers and are, therefore, the perfect non-judgemental or impartial audience. 43% put this down to taxi drivers being good listeners.

The romantic advice given by taxi drivers clearly works, as 43% of Brits have stolen a kiss or a hug from a date in the back of a taxi, with over half agreeing that the car ride home is the perfect occasion to initiate a first kiss.

Whilst some (12%) find it ‘old-school’, the majority Brits believe that being picked up or dropped off by their date in a taxi is a very affectionate gesture. FREE NOW also found other traditional expectations have become outdated, with almost two fifths of those surveyed happy to split the fare with their date.

Regionally, people in Nottingham are the most private about their dating experiences and have never divulged date details to a taxi driver, followed by Manchester.

When it comes to what turns them on, the majority of people appreciate someone calling them a taxi.

One in seven considers a date who turns up on an eBike to be making a good first impression, but 85% say turning up sweaty to a date is a real turn-off. This is followed by showing up to the wrong location and general lateness. These no-gos only intensify as we get older, with younger daters much more willing to forgive these eccentricities.

FREE NOW General Manager, Mariusz Zabrocki, said: “Taxi and mini cab drivers are in a unique position where they meet countless people every day from all walks of life, often getting real and intimate insights to their customers’ lives.

“Our data clearly shows that people love to share romantic moments in the back of taxis, highlighting how customers trust their drivers. Our drivers listen and engage with customers on a daily basis, often becoming a trusting advisor, even on romantic matters."

John H., a FREE NOW taxi driver from London, said: “Being a taxi driver is a very social job and I’m proud to provide a service for hundreds of different customers each day.

“Valentine's Day is a particularly busy day of the year, with many relying on our services to get to their destination. Customers enjoy discussing their love lives with us, from dating experiences to relationships or even seeking romantic advice.”


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