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‘NEVER BEEN WORSE OFF’: ADCU calls 24-hour strike action against Uber over pay and working conditions

Members of the App Drivers & Couriers Union (ADCU) are set to strike for a full 24 hours this week over concerns around ongoing pay disparities and substandard working conditions.

The strike, starting at midnight on Wednesday 22 May and concluding at midnight on the following day, includes a protest at Uber’s London offices.

ADCU, the union representing private hire vehicle (PHV) drivers and couriers, plans to demonstrate from 10am to 2pm on 22 May in front of Uber’s Aldgate Tower headquarters. The union’s actions are a response to their claims of a sustained period of diminishing earnings for drivers, exacerbated by the post-pandemic rise in living costs.

The union has been vocal about various issues, particularly the problematic practice of including holiday pay within fare calculations. This approach, ADCU argues, artificially boosts reported earnings without delivering real financial improvements for the drivers.

Zamir Dreni, ADCU London Vice Chair, said: “Uber drivers have never been worse off than they are right now. Uber fares have increased but drivers' take has decreased since the pandemic while the cost of living has increased significantly—from rent to the food on your table.

“Vehicle operating costs have also risen for many drivers, insurance has doubled, and fuel prices have surged. Make no mistake. Uber is making huge profits at the expense of its drivers. Today, Uber fares are no longer cheap for passengers, but drivers see little of this increased fare, receiving less than 55% of it. Uber takes more than 45% of the original fare.”


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