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New black cab taxi marshalling scheme aims to enhance safety at Liverpool Street Station

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Image credit: @CityPoliceCops (X)

In a move aimed at improving safety for commuters and residents in the City of London, a new black cab marshalling scheme was launched at Liverpool Street Station last night.

The initiative, provided by the City of London Crime Prevention Association, is set to run on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 10pm to 1am, offering a safer way for people to get home from the bustling City area.

The City of London Police, as well as the local community, expressed their satisfaction with the implementation of this scheme. A spokesperson for the City of London Police took to social media earlier today to announce their delight, stating that the marshalling scheme is a positive step towards ensuring the safety of individuals using the taxi rank at Liverpool Street Station.

Inspector Hay, representing the City of London Police, further commended the initiative, emphasising the significance of the investment made by partners to ensure the smooth functioning of the taxi rank.

A City of London Police spokesperson said today via social media: “We’re pleased to see a new black cab marshalling scheme launch tonight at Liverpool Street Station.

“Provided by the City of London Crime Prevention Association it will run on Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 10pm to 1am.

“This will help people get home from the City more safely.”

Later that night Inspector Hay, City of London Police, said: “Great investment from Partners to ensure the taxi rank is safely running at Liverpool Street.”


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