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New central London TAXI REST RANK application REJECTED in favour of private residential parking

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

A new taxi rest rank application in central London was REJECTED due to the competing needs of residents wishing to park their cars, revealed the Mayor of London.

There are currently 35 taxi rest ranks in London, mainly located in Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, and Camden. These cater for nearly 20,000 licensed taxi drivers who require short breaks to grab food and use toilet facilities in the area.

In mid-August 2021 5,628 black cabs were registered entering London’s Congestion Charge (CC) zone on an average daily bases. This is compared with available data taken pre-pandemic from April 2018 when the average number of taxis stood at 9,710.

Authorities in the capital are pushing hard to diminish private car usage and get commuters to use public transport, cycle lane networks and walk. In this case, the move to favour private car parking space over vital facilities for a mode of publicly hired transport comes as a blow for the taxi industry.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, said: “Transport for London (TfL) works closely with the taxi trade and will always consider any requests for additional taxi ranks, including rest ranks.

“The most recent trade request for a rest rank in Southwark was unfortunately refused by the local authority due to competing demands for residential parking. TfL will, of course, consider any further requests it receives.”

Khan added: “Due to limited road space it may not be feasible to install additional infrastructure, however, TfL is willing to consider converting under-used working taxi ranks to rest ranks following discussion and agreement with the trade.”

In addition to the rest ranks are 12 refreshment ranks which are run by independent charities, with TfL supplying the associated taxi rank infrastructure that supports them.

According to the Mayor, the only refreshment rank to close over the last three years was the Kensington rank in 2021 due to a road traffic accident. The rank is scheduled to reopen soon after the Grade II listed Cab Shelter was heavily damaged by a vehicle crashing into the iconic building located in central London.

There are currently no requests for additional taxi refreshment ranks, but Khan said TfL will consider the ‘feasibility of any requests it receives’ for new refreshment ranks.


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