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NEW HIGHWAY CODE: Electric taxi and car drivers should ‘DISPLAY A WARNING SIGN’ when charging

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Electric taxi drivers and other Electric Vehicle (EV) owners looking to charge their vehicles have been told to ‘display a warning sign’ to stop pedestrians tripping up chargepoint cables as part of the updated Highway Code.

Other charging rules introduced for the first time include parking close to chargepoints.

Rule 239 focuses on electric car drivers and states: 'When using an electric vehicle charge point, you should park close to the charge point and avoid creating a trip hazard for pedestrians from trailing cables.

‘Display a warning sign if you can. After using the charge point, you should return charging cables and connectors neatly to minimise the danger to pedestrians and avoid creating an obstacle for other road users.'

Other changes include a new rule to protect cyclists, know as the 'Dutch Reach', which could see drivers being fined up to £1,000 for breaking it.

The 'Dutch Reach' is a particular technique of opening a car door which requires a driver or passenger to use the hand furthest away to open it.

The idea is that while using the hand furthest away, a person is forced to turn their body towards the door, giving them a clearer view of any approaching cyclist or vehicle from behind.

The new section under rule 239 will now read: ‘Where you are able to do so, you should open the door using your hand on the opposite side to the door you are opening; for example, use your left hand to open a door on your right-hand side.

‘This will make you turn your head to look over your shoulder. You are then more likely to avoid causing injury to cyclists or motor cyclists passing you on the road, or to people on the pavement.’

People who cause injury to others with a car door could face a punishment in the way of a fine of up to £1,000.

Although no penalty points can be added to the offender’s licence.


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